Humboldt Foundation Offers One Year Residency Scholarships In Germany

Applications are accepted until October 15th

Yoann Jezequel

Applicants with university degrees and initial leadership experience from Brazil, China, India, Russian Federation, South Africa, and the United States are invited to participate in the German Chancellor's Fellowship Program. Applications are accepted until October 15th.

The program offers a one-year residency in Germany. Applicants can be associated with politics, business, government, society, and culture. The fellows will seek new solutions to global problems and carry out research projects supervised by representatives of German organizations. It is important for the Foundation that the participants learn German, and to this end the organizers pay for language courses both before and during the internship. The grant provides for a monthly stipend of 2,000 euros and covers travel costs, health insurance, and daily expenses.

The candidate must have leadership experience, provide a letter of motivation, recommendations, an annual project plan, and approve the information with the host organization. Ask questions at info@avh.de

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