Announcements, Georgia

Internship: 3D Modeling of Tbilisi’s Architectural Heritage

Georgia, Tbilisi. Deadline: February 5th

This internship program by Tbilisi Cityscape Research Centre ubani is open for students, researchers, and enthusiasts with skills in 3D modeling and an interest in architectural heritage. The purpose of the internship is to develop a collaboration to create about 300 3D models of Tbilisi's most distinctive buildings, which will be used to showcase the city's architectural character on a digital mapping platform. The project aims to promote the architecture of Tbilisi and enhance the comprehension of the city's urban landscape.

Participants will receive support in the form of a detailed list of buildings for modeling, a comprehensive guide on model requirements, and curatorial and technical support. Some models will be based on archival technical drawings, while others will require modeling from photographs and open-source data. Compensation for each model ranges from 30 to 50 lari, depending on the complexity.

To participate, applicants must have proficiency in SketchUp and access to a personal computer. The deadline for applications is February 5th. More information about the open call and contact information can be found on the ubani's website