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Ubani Presents a Lecture by Sarah Cowles: “Tbilisi, unfolding”

Tbilisi, Georgia. May 4th, 16:00

Ubani, the Tbilisi Cityscape Research Center, Ruderal, and IERI are collaborating to host an event in Tbilisi titled Tbilisi, unfolding. These projects present a fresh ecological perspective amidst rapid urban changes, operating at various scales and demonstrating a flexible approach to understanding nature within the city. Further illustrating this narrative in the city's context is an exhibition by Dutch photographer Barrie Hullegie.

Sarah Cowles, Director of Ruderal, will present two recent landscape architecture projects in Tbilisi: Arsenal Oasis and the Tbilisi Urban Forest. Tbilisi Urban Forest is a biodiverse palette of endemic and climate-adapted species to replace aging pine forests which is a crucial effort to preserve the landscape of the city. These works exemplify a new ecological unfolding in the context of this rapidly changing city. Fitted within the traces of previous urban and ecological regimes, Ruderal’s projects are templates that operate at multiple scales and dimensions, providing examples of a multivalent approach to urban ecology in Tbilisi. Sarah Cowles will situate this work within the history of the city’s parks, gardens, green infrastructure, and the hazards and challenges of today's climate change and development pressures.

The Tbilisi Urban Forest by Ruderal is a nominee for the 2024 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Awards (EUmies Awards), a prize honoring the best works in the built environment.

The lecture will be followed by a Q&A session with London-based architect Peter Culley, the founder of the Spatial Affairs Bureau. Read more about the event on UBANI's website

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