Cultural Creative Agency

(NO) Borders

A project by the Cultural Creative Agency that aims to reinterpret borders, the real and the imagined, the geographical and the cultural, and invites you into a space for dialogue, joint actions, and collective reflection on the future

In times of uncertainty, when the borders between countries are closed and people are distancing from each other even more, it is important to search for new forms of coexistence and new connections like never before. To create and maintain such space for communication, we are launching a series of programs and events under one concept. The (no)borders projects aim to reinterpret borders, real and imagined, geographical and cultural, and invite you to a space of dialogue, joint actions and collective reflection on the future. 

December is a month of celebrations all over the world, and among them is Qatar National Day. It commemorates the unification of the Qatari people and the independence of the state. This year, we won’t be able to invite guests and celebrate it together, won’t be able to embrace each other and share dinner. We take each and everyone’s health very seriously, and that is why we have prepared a series of cultural and educational projects in various safe formats, including online, radio plays, videos and others that allow us to gather virtually with our friends, partners and family members. All the projects created within the (no)borders concept are aimed at the widest audience: children and adults, amateurs and professionals, people who live in Russia and elsewhere, and everyone who is interested in culture in all its forms. All the projects are part of a greater whole as they share faith in a better future and hope for overcoming differences and barriers between people. 

As we are waiting for the restrictions to be lifted, we keep maintaining connections between communities and individuals shaping a safe and enlightening space. Despite the circumstances, we call to look forward with optimism as after the darkest hour always comes the dawn.