Born in Ghostland Vol.3—Temra Pavlovic

Yelena Zhelezov speaks with the media artist about language and voice

Temra Pavlovic, a media artist based in Amsterdam, talks to Yelena Zhelezov about family history, inherited memories of the former Yugoslavia, and the precarity of place-language connection. Does being in a place vs not being in a place affects what we can say? Can we be dislocated by language? How does the voice change when we are physically detached from the place we are speaking of? Listen in for notes on The Non-Aligned Movement, the ultimate definition of “Ghostland,” and a refresher on the 1980’s version of marketing through “social justice.”

Yelena Zhelezov
Artist working with sculpture, video, and text, based in Los Angeles and Belarus.
Temra Pavlovic
Media artist currently living in Amsterdam. Her work can be found on website.