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CCA Presents Public Program at Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair

The Turbulence project will be the main topic of an exhibition and discussions with artists, scientists, and researchers

Image: Cultural Creative Agency

The Cultural Creative Agency will present a special public program dedicated to the Turbulence project at the eighth Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, which will be held September 10th to 13th at Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. An exhibition of works by the winners of the open call will be held and several panel discussions will be launched at the event.

In a world going through a period of instability and uncertainty—from the COVID-19 pandemic to the onset of economic recession—new ways of human interaction and opportunities for solidarity must be sought. According to the programs’ curators, the concept of turbulence can be the key to understanding the current situation. In physics, a concept of turbulence is a form of the spontaneous organization of matter, a path from chaos to order, so it can be broadly understood as a spontaneous self-organization of communities faced with strong environmental disturbances.

The “Turbulence” exhibition will be devoted to these and many other subjects, which will be represented in a video installation by Polina Kanis, "Toothless Resistance", which calls into question the dichotomy of "action" and "inaction", an installation and performance by Alexey Taruts called "Lavrussia NRG", which is a play on the name of a hypothetical supercontinent and refers to an unthinkable past, and a project by Ekaterina Muromtseva, who has reproduced a self-organized balcony gallery that the artist opened in her apartment in Zagreb during quarantine.

These artists, as well as specialists from different fields—scientists, curators, philosophers, and researchers—will discuss in more detail various aspects of turbulence as an elusive movement of matter, a self-organization of society and an artistic practice within the framework of the discussion program. Registration is required in order to attend the program’s discussion events.

For more information at cosmoscow.com.